Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bugs Out of the System.


  1. That might help on my computer, I have a tiny spider that is sometimes on the back of the monitor. I named him Fred.

  2. Ha ha, fred, huh? Any idea what kind he is? I may have to ask Fred to cameo in one of my cartoons. Would he be willing?

  3. I don't know, I haven't seen him in a couple of days. He might be dead because there is nothing for him to eat really, he's only about 2mm long. He sometimes swings across the front of my monitor and catch his string on the tip of my finger and move him around to the back of it. I'm kind of a Buddhist when it comes to living creatures, if they are of the more irritating or worrisome variety, I catch them in a jar and relocate them to the outdoors.

    1. I am the same way with things. My wife has finally stopped making fun of me, but when I catch a critter in the house, I gently take it outdoors. The only exception is the black widow. We get lots of them in our backyard and since I have kids, I kill any of them immediately.