Friday, September 30, 2011

Childhood drawings one.

I ran across a book of art that I've done from elementary school up through high school and I thought I'd share select pieces with you.

#1: I was probably eight or so when I drew this. I imagine this is the sort of stuff that Calvin would draw for Hobbes. Here we see two lovely frogs. One with a dagger driven through him while the other is in mid-croak and about to be destroyed by an axe. To my defense, they both look mighty happy about it.

#2: You may look at Rogue Symmetry and say, "Man, has he always been this amazing at drawing hands?" Here is your answer. I was about 13 and I was already mastering those five fingered things.

#3: My teacher's support was evident through her not so cryptic notes on my drawings. She can think my hands can't draw all she wants because I still maintain that she was a swap monster in disguise.

That's all for now. I have lots more to share in the coming months.

Bye, "Baby Hands" Derrick
Doesn't that sound like a boxer who is really really bad at it? Like he hugs people when he should be countering.

Mall Elvis, I mean elves

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Now on Go Comics Sherpa

I am so happy to announce that you can now see Rogue Symmetry on Go Comics Sherpa. Register for an account and pick which daily cartoons you want to see.

Nothing has changed with the way you enjoy RS. It is still going to be updated right here on this site every single day, and will still be on FB daily (and occasionally on Twitter when I remember. I'm kind of lost on that site still).

Another cool thing about comicssherpa is dicovering new cartoonists that are not syndicated and are trying to get a foot in the market. I have discovered so much talent out there in the last two days that I otherwise would not have known existed. Thanks Universal Uclick!

Officer Einstein

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Final thought on 9/11 ten years later.

Today, I took my family to a memorial where we got to feel a piece from the WTC. Taps on bagpipes would have got me as usual, probably harder than usual actually, except my little boy kept wanting to show me a leaf. His fascination with this leaf while hundreds around us were crying and in pain made me smile. I ruffled up his hair and kneeled back down to him.

After work I went to another memorial, this time without my family unfortunately. Surrounded by nearly 3,000 US flags brought tears to my eyes. But then I would think about that boy of mine showing me a leaf and I'd smile.

What am I trying to say? Maybe that it is okay to laugh today. I have read a lot of comments on the internet saying that 9/11 related cartoons and comics that are humorous are out of line. Well, I am not one of those people.   An innocent smile or a funny cartoon is not an insult to those who died and does not take away from the mourning that we are all experiencing.

That is why I chose to post one that is based on 9/11 but at the same time should make people chuckle to themselves. I urge you to go to and see nearly 100 other cartoonists that took part in making a cartoon that commemorated 9/11 in some way. Most are sentimental, many attempt humor (some even achieved it), and some were flat out lame and/or contrived. But that's how any large group of cartoons go. You find your favorites, you skip the duds, and you repeat the next day.

Below are my three favorites from 9/11.

Never forget. Always smile.



I did not draw the above cartoonists logo but I think it's amazing. Enjoy. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Prisoner baby

I just realized I signed this one twice. Maybe I'm just THAT proud!?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Photographer

I am  convinced that this happens to me each and every time I take a photo.