Friday, August 30, 2013

Sweeping the Bride Off Her Feet

If you have any complaints about the amount of blood in this cartoon, by all means, email me at rogue symmetry @ yahoo and I will be sure to add more especially for you!

To Stop or Not to Stop?

I took this photo in Moss Landing, Ca. Any idea what I should do to avoid disobeying the signs?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Don't Mention Soccer Sucking.

I am currently teaching myself German, so that may be the reason two language jokes are appearing back to back. I am sure there are more to come too!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cover completed for first Rogue Symmetry comic book!

Howdy ya'll!

I have been hard at work putting together my first book. As a matter of fact, I just completed the front cover! This book will be a compilation of my favorite cartoons from my first year of cartooning: 2011. It will soon be followed by my 2012 book and that will hopefully be perfect timing for me to put together my 2013 book! I started Rogue Symmetry half way through 2011, so this book will only be about 25 pages long, with almost every page containing four cartoons. Anyways, more details to come very soon! In the meantime, here is the cover:

Oh, yes, the name of the book is in fact, Dorks, Dandruff, and Jellybeans. Yup.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thanks, Bushy Tails!

A fellow cartoonist, Ian Jones, just cracked me up! He has been running a series where he cleverly inserts the names of other cartoons into mundane, everyday dialogue. Most of them being very famous or at least moderately successful, syndicated strips. Well, today's cartoon features none other than....[drum roll]...Rogue Symmetry!! How he managed to make that name sound like every day conversation is beyond me. But I am honored!! Check it out here!

Book of Stances cartoon

Book of Stances. Visit. Laugh. Buy. Stand.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Another new Rogue!

Oh, I have another new Rogue being shown here, on Internet Evolution! What a good day to be the creator of Rogue Symmetry!

A new Rogue!

Here is a new Rogue Symmetry that was featured on UBM Future Cities today! Thanks, UBM!

Speaking of new Rogues, I have a months' worth of new cartoons all finished that I will start posting next week! Huzzah!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back in September

Just taking a short break fellas. Working on some other cartoon related projects for a while. I will be back with new toonage in September! Thanks -Derrick

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rogue Symmetry in Foolish Times

This is from the Aug. Foolish Times! I am going to be a monthly contributor for them.

I haven't actually got a copy of this yet, but it looks like I am right next to a chicken recipe. Oddly, that sounds like just the type of place I'd like to see my art displayed!

Friday, August 2, 2013

For Plods

Like I promised you, Plods, here is the original drawing for the cartoon mentioned in my last post. The editor , Rich Heap, and I realized that this guy LOOKS like he belongs on a motorcycle so the joke sorta fell flat. It was much funnier with the lady I replaced this dude with. Though, notice the arms are the same?