Friday, August 23, 2013

Cover completed for first Rogue Symmetry comic book!

Howdy ya'll!

I have been hard at work putting together my first book. As a matter of fact, I just completed the front cover! This book will be a compilation of my favorite cartoons from my first year of cartooning: 2011. It will soon be followed by my 2012 book and that will hopefully be perfect timing for me to put together my 2013 book! I started Rogue Symmetry half way through 2011, so this book will only be about 25 pages long, with almost every page containing four cartoons. Anyways, more details to come very soon! In the meantime, here is the cover:

Oh, yes, the name of the book is in fact, Dorks, Dandruff, and Jellybeans. Yup.


  1. Thanks for the recognition in the title. I'm honored.

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    1. Ha ha, apparently my replies from the iphone aren't working. I did have a great reply posted, but you beat me to it with your 2nd comment!

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    1. I think so! Having a lot of fun making it!

    2. You'll have to check out Amy's new site, Derrick. Well, as soon as she fixes the link so it doesn't go to the Evil Empire. You can type the URL to get there for now.

    3. So the one to the right under, "I Read These" isn't right anymore?

    4. Ah, I got it now. FB exit page. I blamed you.