Friday, September 30, 2011

Childhood drawings one.

I ran across a book of art that I've done from elementary school up through high school and I thought I'd share select pieces with you.

#1: I was probably eight or so when I drew this. I imagine this is the sort of stuff that Calvin would draw for Hobbes. Here we see two lovely frogs. One with a dagger driven through him while the other is in mid-croak and about to be destroyed by an axe. To my defense, they both look mighty happy about it.

#2: You may look at Rogue Symmetry and say, "Man, has he always been this amazing at drawing hands?" Here is your answer. I was about 13 and I was already mastering those five fingered things.

#3: My teacher's support was evident through her not so cryptic notes on my drawings. She can think my hands can't draw all she wants because I still maintain that she was a swap monster in disguise.

That's all for now. I have lots more to share in the coming months.

Bye, "Baby Hands" Derrick
Doesn't that sound like a boxer who is really really bad at it? Like he hugs people when he should be countering.


  1. lmao "Baby Hands" Derrick!! Btw that first drawing is very disturbing....but awesome at the same time.

  2. and it looks like you didnt like your teachers comment so much that you left a curious stain.

  3. Gimme her name! I'll introduce her to MY 'baby hands"!!!

  4. Tomcat - I always seemed to like to draw kind of creepy things. Weird that I draw happy faces and unicorns now. I guess it's sort of like the kid in The 6th Sense. To paraphrase, "You don't get in trouble when you draw rainbows.

    Oh, and 'Candi S' I think it was Ms. Oiler. If that's how you spell it,