Thursday, October 31, 2013

Baby Blues Contest

When it comes to something as special as winning an autographed Baby Blues collection, I take it very seriously. The contest (shown here) was to count all the pumpkins that Rick Kirkman drew in the cartoon. Well, like I said, I take this seriously, so I didn't just rely on my eyes and pointer fingers. No, I grabbed my Wacom tablet and made sure to dot every single pumpkin as I counted them. Otherwise, being a man of self-doubt, I would have gotten to 317 and just KNOWN I'd counted this blasted pumpkin before. That is when the Golem/Schmiegel argument in my mind would commence. Any how, I counted 389 pumpkins. Wish me luck in the contest!


  1. Sorry dude, but I think the sign counts.

    1. The one that says pumpkin? Come on, that doesn't count as drawing... or does it. Awww man, now you have me all discombobulated, Plods! How am I going to be able to sleep tonight? I am pretty sure that zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........

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