Tuesday, March 25, 2014

RIP Dave Brockie, Oderus Urungus. GWAR GWAR GWAR!

Goodbye to the man, the monster, the alien.

I had the honor of hanging out with him a few times and he was one hell of a nice guy.

This tribute, done as ugly as I could muster, is for you Oderus Brockie.


  1. Not really my genre, but it looks like they put on an entertaining show. I applaud the drummer for being able to play with the mask on.

    1. Not really my genre either, lyrically anyways, but there was just something about them, and him. I loved going to see them in concert. I have every little piece of merchandise I could find: Stickers, shirts, comics, figurines, videos, posters, cds, etc.... None But the Brave is still one of my favorite songs ever, from any genre.